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The Roy Cazaly Biography Project

By Robert Allen

roy and ballRoy Cazaly 1924

The name Roy Cazaly will always be linked with the game of Australian Rules Football, thanks largely to photos of his one-handed marking prowess, the famed "Up There Cazaly" cry and of course the Mike Brady song of the same name.

He is often held up as an icon of the game, and indeed was one of the original 'Legends' inducted into the AFL's Official Hall of Fame.
Roy's career was prolific.

He played during the modern game's formative years before and after World War I, coached VFA and VFL clubs during the 1930s and 40s, was an interstate representative on numerous occasions and spent many years playing and coaching in mid-week, rural Victorian and Tasmanian competitions.

Yet, despite his legendary status, many know very little about the man himself.

Whilst some diehard football followers would be aware of the longevity of his playing career, few would know of his extensive coaching career, or that he developed and practiced theories on sporting fitness and physiotherapy that were years ahead of his time.

Fewer still would be aware of his many pursuits outside football.

This project is based upon the belief that Roy Cazaly deserves a biography that fully documents his rich and varied life.

It aims to produce a comprehensive record of his life, which fleshes out a detailed portrait of the man behind the legend.

It will do this by:

  • Drawing on the recollections of his descendents and others who knew him;
  • Detailing and appraising his playing and coaching careers;
  • Recounting his life and achievements beyond football; and
  • Reaching conclusions about his overall influence and legacy.
  • It will be authoritative, accurate and visually appealing.

Can you help? The project team welcomes assistance from anyone who may be able to contribute.

In particular, they are keen to hear from anyone with a family connection to Roy or hold any items of memorabilia (such as photos, badges, jumpers and match programs) relating to any of the following clubs and eras:
St Kilda (1911-20)
South Mebourne (1920-24; 1926-27; 1937-38)
Minyip (1925)
City (Launceston) (1928-30)
Preston (1931)
North Hobart (1932-33)
New Town (1934-36; 1948-51)
Camberwell (1941)
Hawthorn (1942-43)
Any information or questions can be sent to Robert Allen at [email protected]

The centenary of the beginning of the fabulous VFL career of Roy Cazaly with St Kilda  will occur in 2011.