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Mens' Health

1. Andrology Australia - 'What Every Man Needs to Know

  • For men under 40
  • For men over 40

1 session, 30-60mins

Men over 40
What every man needs to know

Men under 40
What every man needs to know

  • Testosterone 
  • Heart disease & Diabetes 
  • Staying healthy 
  • Realtionships 
  • Depression 
  • The prostate 
  • Sexual health 
  • Alcohol & drugs 
  • Testicular cancer 
  • Erections 

Taking the next step

When it comes to health, men generally prefer to cross their fingers and hope for the best rather than take precautions and look after themselves. But it’s important for men to be aware of the health issues they may face so any problems can be detected and treated early. Good general and reproductive health, positive mental health, happy relationships and living a healthy lifestyle can all contribute to a long and happy life.    


Health problems of the reproductive system can happen across the lifespan and many become more common in men as they get older. Infertility, erectile dysfunction, testicular cancer, low testosterone levels and prostate problems affect the lives of thousands of Australian men. While most problems ‘below the belt’ are not life-threatening, they can impact on quality of life. Many of these conditions can be treated if diagnosed early, so talk to a doctor about your reproductive health and any concerns you may have. 


Depression is a serious illness and is very common; one in six men has depression. However, it can be treated and there are ways to help manage depression including reducing stress and anxiety, getting enough sleep, keeping active, spending time with mates, talking to someone and reducing alcohol and drug intake. 


Trust and communication are important for healthy relationships, but life changes such as retirement or financial pressures can impact negatively on relationships. Keep in touch with others and ensure your relationships stay healthy. 


Heart disease and diabetes are serious conditions and are often preventable through healthy lifestyle choices. Making sure you take part in regular physical activity, have a healthy diet, quit smoking and limit the amount of alcohol you drink will put you in a good position to avoid these serious long-term health problems. 


So, now that you are armed with information about important health issues, what’s the next step? Book an appointment to see your doctor for a general health check. Think about the lifestyle you lead and how it can affect your health in the long-term. Don’t just sit there, make healthy choices! 


For more information on men’s health, contact Andrology Australia on 1300 303 878 or visit


2. 'Cazaly's Gutless Wonders' - A waist loss program for men with the guts to it a go!


Womens' Health

'Cazaly's Wise Women' - A skills program appropriate for women of all ages who wish to remain fit and well throughout life.


Understanding Stroke


Understanding Cancer


Obesity, High Blood Pressure and Diabetes Prevention


Drugs and Alcohol

  • Cazaly's Fit to Quit smoking cessation
  • Alcohol & drugs, use & abuse