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Lifelong health promotion for players

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Roy Cazaly Football Club: Building strong communities through healthy lifestyle coaching


"Up There Cazaly" Player Accreditation


"Up There Cazaly" player accreditation is available for clubs to require registered players to adopt The Roy Cazaly Footballers Code for conduct considered appropriate for members and players of the Club. It is offered in three modes for junior, youth and senior levels. The "Up There Cazaly" Accreditation may be withdrawn at the club's discretion.



The RCF Code for junior players revolves around the foundation habits for a healthy lifelstyle and early awareness of the prinicples of sportsmanship and team spirit.



The RCF code for youth players consolidates the key points from the junior level with stronger language and an emerging focus on healthy community conduct and respect for parents who often find challenging managing adolescent footballers.

Focus is on maintaining academic performance, learning the principles of the healthy work ethic and understanding how the young footballer manages his testosterone to control emotions, such as anger, disappointment, ambition, etc.



The RCF code for seniors focuses on the critical effect they have as role models for younger players.

Focus here is on "life after football" and the responsibility of each senior player to give back to the club sufficiently to leave the game in a better state than he found it.